UN: More than 600 million aid to Afghanistan completed


UN: More than 600 million aid to Afghanistan completed

The United Nations has recently said that its request for more than $ 600 million to prevent the anticipated crisis in Afghanistan has been fully funded.

Jens Lerke, a spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said they were trying to distribute the aid directly and without government interference.

At a UN summit on Afghanistan on September 13, the various nations of the world called for $ 606 million in immediate aid to help those in need in Afghanistan, which the United Nations now says has raised the money.

“We can now say that the request for immediate assistance to Afghanistan has been 100 percent funded, and we are now working to get that assistance to the people in need of Afghanistan as soon as possible through aid organizations,” said Jens Larke.

“This is very good in the current situation in Afghanistan, but attention should be paid to the infrastructure and the economy, and international organizations should help Afghanistan in this regard,” Lal Gul Lal, head of the Human Rights Organization, told TOLOnews.

According to UN figures, the aid is to be distributed to the 11 million people in need in Afghanistan.

In addition, the United States, the European Union, France, Japan, and Germany are among the largest contributors to the program, providing $ 76 million.

“A regular system should be set up to distribute the aid so that it can reach the needy properly and prevent it from being wasted elsewhere,” Shafi Samim, an economics expert, told TOLOnews.

“The government must prepare the right strategy to bring aid to Afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,” said university professor Khawaja Fahim Abbas.

The United Nations says one of the challenges in delivering aid to Afghanistan is problems in Afghanistan’s banking system, but the government says efforts are under way to address those challenges.

The government says the aid could not replace frozen Afghan money, with officials from the Islamic Emirate stressing that the United States should release Afghan money as soon as possible.

“We praise the aid, but Afghanistan’s main money must be released to improve Afghanistan’s economy and banking system,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

The financial challenges in Afghanistan escalated after the United States froze more than $ 9 billion in Afghan currency and the World Bank and International MonetIG Fund stopped delivering money to Afghanistan.

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