UN: The world admired India’s generosity, said from the UN platform – Heartfelt thanks – Dominica Says Thanks To India For Providing Corona Vaccine In Pandemic On United Nations Platform IG News

dominica says thanks to india for providing corona vaccine in pandemic on united nations platform

PM Modi and Foreign Minister of Dominica
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During the Corona epidemic, when all the countries of the world were busy saving their people, the Indian government thought about the welfare of its own people as well as the people of the world. Under the same thinking, India had provided Corona vaccine to many countries of the world. That generosity of India had made many countries of the world its admirers. One such country has thanked India from the United Nations platform.

Dominica’s Foreign Minister thanked India

Let us tell you that the United Nations General Assembly is being organized in New York, America and the top leaders of the world are participating in this event. Dominica’s Foreign Minister Dr. Vince Henderson praised India from the UN platform. Dr. Vince Henderson said that ‘the lessons we learned during the Corona epidemic have inspired me a lot. From this important platform, I want to tell that I remember during the Corona pandemic, we were thinking about how we can get the Corona vaccine and save our people. Especially in a small country like ours, which depends on tourism, we needed to protect our people. While we were thinking about this, India responded to our appeal and provided us the vaccine.

India supplied vaccine to 98 countries of the world

Dominica’s Foreign Minister said that ‘when we got the vaccines, we then made them available to other Caribbean countries. Therefore, from this important platform and especially personally, I want to wholeheartedly thank the people of India and the government there for coming forward to help us in our time of need. Let us tell you that during the Corona epidemic, India, following the mantra of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, provided Corona vaccine to 98 countries of the world. This vaccine friendship of India was appreciated all over the world. The special thing is that India had set a new example of humanity by delivering the vaccine on time to many poor countries, which were probably not the priority of the Western countries.

These countries also praised

During the India-UN conference, Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji said that ‘Vaccine Maitri is one of India’s biggest humanitarian initiatives. Under Vaccine Maitri, India provided corona vaccine to more than 100 countries of the world. The partnership between India and Bhutan is an example of strong bilateral relations in the Global South.

Mauritius Food Security Minister Manish Gobin said during the conference that ‘India was a closed economy in 1990 and now look where India has reached. But India has not forgotten other countries. This is not a country that says bye-bye to others. India is bringing the Global South together on the decision-making platform. A country like Mauritius coming to a platform like G20 is an example of this.

Maldives Foreign Minister Ahmed Khalil said that ‘India is going to become the second largest economy in the world in the next 25 years. The world admires India’s commitment. India is also an important reason for our quick recovery from the Corona epidemic. This would not have been possible without our close partner and friend.