Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi IG News


NEW DELHI,(AZAD SOCH NEWS):- Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is more likely to respond militarily to Pakistani provocations, the report said, adding that the crisis between India and Pakistan is more serious because both are nuclear-armed countries, the US intelligence agency said. According to this report, there is a possibility that in case of Pakistani provocation, India under the leadership of PM Modi will respond with more military force than before.

The crisis between India and Pakistan is of particular concern due to the threat of an escalating cycle between the two nuclear-armed states, calling for US intervention. ) with often low-level conflicts can escalate quickly.

The report also said that rising tensions between India and Pakistan are of particular concern, however, after the two countries agreed to resume a ceasefire along the Line of Control by early 2021. The country is likely to be keen to strengthen its ties, it said, “However, Pakistan has a long history of supporting terrorist organizations and alleged or actual Pakistani provocations under Prime Minister Modi.” India is now expected to respond with military force.”

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