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Big Twist: Bhuma Akhilapriya, Bhargava Ram and her PA Rammohan were arrested in Allagadda town and taken to Panyam police station. With this, fans of Bhuma Akhila Priya reached the Panyam Police Station in a big way. As a large number of Bhuma members came to Panyam police station, the police again shifted Bhuma Akhilapriya, her husband Bhargav Ram and PA Rammohan to Nandyala police station. Similarly, the police said that they will be taken to the Nandyala Government Hospital for medical examination and after the medical examination, the three will be brought to Kotla.

Former Minister Akhilapriya’s group is spreading the word that an unexpected development has taken place in her arrest. According to Bhuma, the incident took place when Avi Subbareddy misbehaved with Akhilapriya when she went to welcome Nara Lokesh in the Yuvagalam padayatra.

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When this incident came to the attention of Chandrababu Naidu, he reacted strongly. He warned that if anyone in the party violates the rules of the party, disciplinary action will be taken against such person. Regarding this incident, three members of a tripartite committee with three senior leaders of the party will be formed and further action will be taken after knowing the full details of the incident.

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It is said that the Subbareddy faction is not backing down either. The TDP ticket is already saying that they will defeat Bhuma Akhila Priya in the next election. They are angry that she wants to be Kaiya. She is accused of resorting to politics because of the fear of not getting a ticket.

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AV Subbar Reddy’s daughter Jaswanthi Reddy’s recent release of a video condemning former minister Akhilapriya’s treatment of her father and giving her a warning about the attack is causing a stir. Now this video is going viral on social media. Jaswanthi Reddy verbally scolded Akhilapriya for not only attacking a man like her father but also for making false comments that there was an attempt to kill her.

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