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Growing materials for a construction project could soon become a reality thanks to a student team at the University of Waterloo that is working to make bricks out of bacteria.

Created by two students from the University of Waterloo, Microbuild Masonry seeks to transform the construction industry by using its eco-friendly bricks.

“It really looks like a brick, feels like a brick, it’s very strong,” said Rania Al-Shekhali, co-founder of Microbuild Masonry. The team behind Bio-Brick.

Al-Shekhali said the reason behind the project is to show people who don’t know how harmful the building supply industry is.

“The current process of making bricks releases harmful particles and chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, that harm not only workers but also other people as it is exposed to the air,” said Al-Shekhali.

The process works by using bacteria found in soil and mixing it with sand and slurry in a mold.

“You let it sit at room temperature for a few days and you have a brick,” Al-Shehkali explained.

Sustainable manufacturing processes succeed when the construction industry faces shortages due to supply chain issues.

“The nice thing about bacteria is that you give them food, put them on a plate, and they will grow and multiply,” Al-Shehkli said.

“Our current bacteria are not gross at all. It cannot infect you, it cannot harm you in any way,” said Al-Shekhali.

The team also believes that it is a more energy-efficient alternative than the traditional brick making process.

“It saves on electricity because you don’t have to bake it or anything,” Al-Shekhali said.


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