up bjp district president changed – Election preparation: Meaning of changing more than 50 district presidents of BJP in UP IG News

Finally, the Bharatiya Janata Party has started arranging its pieces for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Today BJP released the list of its district presidents. Along with this, the vacant posts of chairpersons in various commissions and institutions will also be filled soon. Exercise has started for this also. BJP has changed district presidents at many places. More than 50 district presidents have been changed.

The party has taken care that Dalits and backward classes get the required space but the surprising thing is that there are no Muslims in the list of BJP which strongly advocates Pasmanda Muslims. The party changed the district presidents of both Lucknow city and district but the important fact is that the district presidents of the Prime Minister’s district Varanasi and the Chief Minister’s district Gorakhpur have not been changed.

In Etawah, the district of Samajwadi Party President and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Akhilesh Yadav, the party has once again played the game of extremely backward and has given another chance to the old district president Sanjeev Rajput.

Manoj Shukla, brother of Santosh Shukla, has been made the District President in Kanpur Dehat. Former minister Santosh Shukla was shot dead by notorious Vikas Dubey inside Shivli police station.

In this change, the opinion of ministers and MLAs has been taken but it would be wrong to say that their advice has been accepted. Now the party will also appoint Mandal Presidents and the opinion of MPs and MLAs will be taken in this. According to sources, senior leaders of various parties will be given the red light by sitting on the post of chairpersons of various commissions and councils.

The party is hoping that this change will generate a lot of enthusiasm, but one more thing has emerged from this change that it has also raised voices of dissatisfaction before the elections. In fact, there was a matter of one hundred sick people in every district. The biggest problem facing BJP was how to select the president because there were many contenders. Now the party will also have to convince those people who were strong contenders for District President but have not found a place in this list. A lot of discussions have intensified regarding whether he will be given any other responsibility. The party wants to appoint many prominent leaders to other posts. Because among those who have not got the post of District President, there are many leaders with mass base. (The author is a senior journalist and political analyst.)