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UP Police arrests woman protesting CAA in her home in 2020

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Some protesters said that since the Citizenship Amendment Act was announced on March 11, Uttar Pradesh police have been patrolling their homes every day. Police officials also admitted that police were deployed outside some of the protesters’ homes to maintain law and order in the state.

(Illustration: Prilab Chakraborty/The Wire)

Lucknow: Women who led anti-Citizenship Amendment (CAA) protests in Lucknow in 2020 accused Uttar Pradesh police of restraining them in their homes on March 15 (Friday), according to the protesters. this The administration is pressuring them not to voice their opposition to the new citizenship law.

Two daughters of famous poet Manwar Rana also alleged that they were under house arrest from Friday morning till evening.

However, these women protesters living in different areas of the capital Lucknow said they stand against the citizenship law. According to him, the law is discriminatory and goes against the Indian constitution. Heavy police deployment was also seen around Ghanta Ghar (Hussainabad). famously, which was at the center of nearly two months of anti-CAA protests in Lucknow in 2020.

Some accused police of knocking on their door on Thursday evening (March 14) and not letting them out. A female protester said police first came to her home on the evening of March 11, shortly after the federal government announced the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Aram is one of the organizers of the Fatima 2020 protests. He told The Wire that since the CAA notification, police have been at his flat in Napier Road Colony every day. She says, “There are police stationed outside my apartment. I And the police are questioning every guest who comes to the apartment.” It’s not only insulting to me. But it also creates a nuisance to the neighbors.’

As he told Police sent notices to other female protesters. and summoned them to the police station However, they have not revealed their names. Aram, who is a staunch opponent of the CAA, believes that the Narendra Modi government has enacted the new citizenship law to cover up its failures on all fronts. Including unemployment, inflation and the agricultural crisis.

Police reached the house of Uzma Parveen aka Rani of Jhansi in Lucknow. At around 10:00 a.m. on Friday, Uzma said police allegedly confined her to her home and restricted her movements until the evening.

Uzma views the administration’s move as a threat to those protesting against the government’s arrogance and citizenship laws in the past. Uzma said. ‘It is extremely shameful that the police humiliated us during the holy month of Ramadan. This is when we fast and spend most of our time praying, etc.’

The daughters of late poet Manoor Rana also claimed that the police had detained them in the house of Samajwadi Party spokesperson Sumiya Rana. He protested violently and fought bitterly with the police. Police prevented her from going anywhere in the city for almost 24 hours. Let me tell you that Munowar Rana’s daughter has been at Ghanta Ghar in Lucknow since the start of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. This protest was inspired by the Shaheen Bagh protest.

This is not the first time police have come to Samia’s Flat Silver apartment in Qaisar Bagh area since the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted. Police knocked on Sumia’s house several times and issued notices to the local police station. Sumia said ‘The government arrested us to suppress the voices of democracy. The police had been sitting in the parking lot of my apartment before. But this time the police entered my flat. sitting in my house And it will not allow me to meet my widowed mother who lives in another area.’

Samia criticized the Citizenship Amendment Act saying it was not acceptable before and is not acceptable today. Anti-democracy protests will continue until the government withdraws. SP Spokesperson Sumia says ‘religion-based laws are not accepted’ We are not afraid of abuse of government power. We will raise our voice against new citizenship laws that discriminate against people on the basis of their religious identity.’

Arusa Rana, second daughter of Manwar Rana, who is also vice-president of UP Mahila Congress (Central), said, “Police came to my house in the morning in six or seven vehicles. and sat in my living room all day long.. wouldn’t even let me go out.

Aruza was angered by the allegations against her being detained. Stating that the UP police are treating protesters like criminals, he asked, ‘Is the government taking away the right to protest?’ If not, why is the government ruining our lives by sending police to our homes every day?

According to Arusa, the action shows that the Modi government is fearful and worried after notification of discriminatory laws. Arusa believed she was being disrespected like that. Because of her Muslim identity and her voice against the dictatorial attitude of the Modi government.

Uttar Pradesh Police confirmed that police had visited the homes of some protesters. But refused to detain them at all. Deputy Police Commissioner (Central) Raveena Tiyagi told The Wire that police had been sent outside the homes of some protesters to keep an eye on them in order to maintain law and order in the area. state

According to the DCP, this is just a precautionary measure to avoid any untoward incident. On the first Friday of Ramadan There was a heavy police presence outside the mosque. This is because police fear that anti-CAA protests will break out.

in Lucknow city Police carried out national flag parades in Muslim areas. Especially around the mosque

Let us tell you that there were huge protests in UP on December 19, 2019 when some opposition parties and civil society called for protests against CAA in this statewide protest. More than 20 protesters were reported to have been killed by police bullets. which the police never acknowledged

After that, the women protested at Ghanta Ghar for about two months between January 2020 and March 2020. The protest was canceled due to the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid pandemic. Later, police set up camp in the Ghantaghar area and No one was allowed to protest there.

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