Uproar after Gujri bazaar suddenly started in Sadhana Colony area in Jamnagar IG News

Updated: May 16th, 2023

– The local people again closed the Gujri Bazaar along with the estate branch

Jamnagar, 16 May 2023, Tuesday

Gujri Bazaar has been closed for some time now after the representation of the locals due to frequent fights in Sadhana Colony area in Jamnagar.

But there was a ruckus when the Gujri Bazaar suddenly reopened today on Tuesday, and the locals have called the estate branch team to close the Gujri Bazaar again.

Today Tuesday, how many rowdy Pathayawalas suddenly arrived in the Sadhana Colony area and illegally started the Gujri Bazaar again.

So there was an atmosphere full of excitement among the citizens including the local traders. After informing the estate branch team, a team including estate officer Nitin Dixit rushed to the spot, and removed some of the rickety bed-bearers, while also seizing the belongings of some bed-bearers. A crowd of people was seen gathering at this time.