Uran: Under the Karal flyover, only container vehicles stand IG News

Heavy container vehicles are being parked under the multi-lane flyover at Karla connecting JNPT port. Due to this, Uran’s Karal Bridge has been converted into a berth for container vehicles. Container vehicles are parked wherever there is space under this flyover, which connects many routes, and the space under the bridge is being used as an illegal parking lot. This illegal vehicle base is being ignored by the National Highway Authority as well as the Transport Department.

The Bombay High Court has strictly prohibited encroachment under flyovers in the city as well as on highways. Even today, most of these vehicles are parked under the flyover. On the other hand, under some flyovers, encroachment of vehicles has been observed by breaking the ramparts made to prevent vehicles from parking under the bridge. In this, vehicles are parked under the bridge of Uran Panvel Marg, JNPT Dhutum Marg in Karal.


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