Urukom if BJP activists are attacked IG News

Urukom if BJP activists are attacked

V6 Velugu Posted on May 14, 2022

Rangareddy: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has warned that those responsible for Sai Ganesh’s suicide will be severely punished. He participated in the concluding assembly of the public campaign in Thukkuguda. Amit Shah fired on the state government on this occasion. He made it clear that there was no point in cracking down on attacks on BJP activists. KCR wants to change the state to Bengal law … called to stop it.

He said that KCR was afraid of the Majlis … That is why KCR was against raising 370 in Kashmir. Although he promised to organize the Telangana Liberation Day during the Telangana movement, he did not do so. KCR was ousted .. BJP is organizing Telangana Liberation Day. He said the TRS party car steering was in the hands of the OIC and the campaign was to change such a government. They are asking the state to immerse itself in debts and get more debts .. to benefit the son and daughter? Shaw asked bluntly. Amit Shah has said that he has not seen such a useless corrupt government till now … Amit Shah has demanded that the BJP should be crowned in the coming elections.

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