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US media releases names of Indian officials ‘Suspect’ conspired to murder Pannu

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Reports in American newspapers The Washington Post It is claimed that at the time of the alleged conspiracy to murder American citizen and Khalistan supporter Graptunat Singh Pannu, RAW chief Samant Goyal was ordered to ‘Eliminate Sikhs living abroad’ has a lot of pressure.

Kraptunat Singh Pannu. (Photo credit: X/@SortedEagle)

New Delhi: New information has been released regarding allegations of collusion with Indian authorities to attempt to murder American citizen and pro-Khalistan lawyer Graptunat Singh Pannu.

A report by the American newspaper The Washington Post claims that an unidentified Indian has been accused by US authorities. Charged with planning Pannu’s murder is a former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer and his name is Vikram Yadav Is.

The report also said that at the time of the alleged plot to kill Pannu, RAW chief Samant Goyal was under “tremendous pressure to eliminate the alleged threat of fundamentalists living abroad.” “

about whether National Security Adviser Ajit Doval knew or approved ‘Conspiracy’ or not, the report quotes US officials as saying Doval wanted to kill Sikhs abroad. They may know about or approve of the plan. But it is emphasized that there is no ‘substantial evidence’ of it.

Former Indian officials who spoke to The Washington Post said they knew both Goyal and Doval. And Goyal could not carry out the assassination plan without Doval’s approval in North America.

Last November, US prosecutors accused Nikhil Gupta, an Indian national, of being ordered by Indian government officials to kill a man in the US. (believed to be Gurpatwant Singh Pannu) tried to get the services of Main.

He also linked the conspiracy to kill Pannu to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada in June. Gupta is currently facing extradition to the United States. After being arrested in the Czech Republic

Pannu holds dual US and Canadian citizenship and works as a lawyer for a group called ‘Sikhs for Justice’, which is banned in India. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has declared Pannu a terrorist.

After the failure of the plan, a series of allegations in

The Washington Post quoted a former Indian security official as saying: Yadav was not reinstated as a junior officer in RAW, but after a few years he was inducted in the Central Armed Forces Police (CRPF). As a result, Yadav lacked the ‘requisite training and expertise’ for the operation. Such important to be carried out in North America.

According to US prosecutors, ‘Yadav’ had selected a person named Nikhil Gupta to kill Pannu.

In a report by the Washington Post It is said of a former Indian official that After the failure of the conspiracy There have been several allegations within the ‘RA’ regarding the decision to hand over this responsibility to ‘Yadav’.

One former official said: Yadav was sent back to the CRPF after the botched plot was revealed.

‘RA officers arrested and fired over Modi government’s targeting of Sikhs abroad’

It is worth noting that as a result of the increased activities of RAW against NRIs, officers and agents of this Indian intelligence agency were arrested or expelled in many countries. including Germany united kingdom and Australia. Earlier, German law enforcement agencies accused Indians of spying on Sikhs and Kashmiris living in the country.

The Washington Post reports that Samant Goyal was alerted by the UK’s domestic intelligence agency in 2014 and 2015 due to “surveillance and harassment” of Sikhs in the UK by RAW, which he heads. Raw’s station in London at the time.

An Australian official told the Washington Post that The country’s intelligence chief emerged in 2021 when he said some foreign officials were trying to spy on foreign communities. Infiltrate the local police department. and stealing sensitive security information from Australian airports. was caught doing Then they only refer to Ra.

Indian Test Claims

India has set up a high-level committee to investigate the allegations by US prosecutors. But there is no information on who is on the committee. And what stage has the investigation reached?

In a media briefing held on April 25, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said a high-level committee was reviewing several pieces of information shared by the US side as they affected national security. ours are equal

Meanwhile, the Indian government said in a statement on Tuesday that the Washington Post report said that “There are unfair and baseless allegations regarding serious issues,” and a high-level committee is investigating the matter.

The Washington Post report also stated that when the US government Know about the alleged plot to kill Panna. The government also refrained from taking any drastic action against India, but the government of India has decided to take action against those persons whom she considered. Responsible for the storyline

White House officials warned the Indian government earlier this month that the Washington Post was about to publish a story that would reveal new information about the case. Referring to the impacts that may occur from Such “conspiracies” are publicly disclosed. The newspaper said the White House did so without telling them.

at the beginning of last month U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the U.S. It has made it clear to the Indian government that it wants India to conduct a full investigation into the Pannu case. and is waiting for the results of the investigation

According to the Washington Post report US officials Said Modi and His “closest officials” have promised to take responsibility for the case. They also said that if India does not fulfill this promise, Yadav “may still face other charges and punishments”.

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