Us:’Putin uses Biden’s policies to criticize America’, Trump targets the President – Former President Donald Trump Slams Biden For Russian President Putin Remarks IG News

Former President Donald Trump Slams Biden for Russian President Putin's remarks

Donald Trump (file)
– Photo: Social Media


Former US President Donald Trump once again appeared aggressive against the Biden administration. He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is condemning America on the global stage. Putin is using indictments for this. Let us tell you, Trump has reacted to the statement given by Putin a day earlier.

Now read, on which statement of Putin did Trump react?

According to American media, the former President claimed on Wednesday that Putin is using Biden to condemn America. Trump posted on social media that Putin is using the policies of the Biden administration to condemn America. He is also opposing the good things of America. Let us tell you, a day before Trump’s comment, Putin had given a statement on Tuesday. Putin had said on Tuesday that whatever is happening with Trump is politically motivated. All this is being done in front of the eyes of the entire world including the American public.

Trump has also surrendered

Former US President Donald Trump surrendered in Fulton County Jail. Jail officials then arrested him and detained him in the Fulton County Jail. However, Trump was later released on a bond of two lakh dollars. This is the fourth time this year that the former president has surrendered to local or federal authorities regarding criminal charges against him. According to the report, before Trump surrendered, a large number of his supporters had gathered outside the jail and were protesting. Supporters of the former president chanted slogans against District Attorney Fani Willis. Before surrendering, Trump had said that he was ready to surrender before Georgia state prison authorities on charges of planning to overturn the election in 2020. Trump has more than a dozen cases registered against him, including conspiring to overturn the election results of Georgia in 2020. Trump and 18 other people have been made accused in this case.