Uttarakhand government is going to start the first “prison tourism” in the country for only 500 rupees. IG News

Puber Kalam Webdesk: How do the prisoners live behind the iron bars, how do they spend their lives within the prison walls. Now you can taste the jail life. Uttarakhand government has taken a novel initiative called “Jail Tourism”. Haldwani Jail was chosen as the first step. It is known that anyone can taste jail life for 24 hours for 500 rupees. In exchange for this money, jail clothes and food allotted to the jail inmates will also be available.

If he commits a crime, he is tried in court. The term of imprisonment is determined by judging the seriousness of the crime. Some may be sentenced to short term and some to life imprisonment. But we can share the experience of those who spend day after day, month after month or year after day in that jail cell.

Abandoned parts of the Haldwani Penitentiary are being developed to accommodate “tourists” who want to experience what it’s like to spend a day in jail. This is what Deputy Jail Superintendent Satish Sukhija said. Haldwani Jail, more than 100 years old, was built in 1903. Parts of the jail and six staff quarters have now been prepared to welcome the guests of the jail. On the other hand, astrologer Mrityunjay Ojha explains that when three celestial bodies are placed in adverse positions in one’s birth chart, it becomes an equation that predicts that the person may suffer imprisonment. In such situations, we usually recommend spending a night in jail and providing food to the inmates to avoid ill effects. But the Uttarakhand government has said that this is an initial step. If this project is successful, then it will be considered to implement it in other correctional facilities in the state.


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