UWindsor student allegedly followed by car after class IG News

IG news Update,

The University of Windsor Students Alliance (UWSA) will reintroduce its WalkSafe service after a student reported being chased to their car after leaving class on Monday night.

According to a social media post by UWSA, the incident has raised serious concerns about the security in the campus.

“As many of you are already aware, there has been an incident on the campus which has created a lot of stress and anxiety among the students,” the post said. “The incident is one of several students who were escorted to their car after leaving a class last night.”

UWSA officials said they have been working diligently since becoming aware of the incident and have decided to restore their WalkSafe service effective immediately.

This service will be in force for the entire school year.

WalkSafe volunteers will be present at night to escort students to their destinations so they don’t have to walk alone.

Those who wish to use WalkSafe can do so by calling 519-253-3000. 3504. Further information is available on the UWSA website.

“We encourage students to always be vigilant and use the services available in that area,” the post said.

Other resources available include the SafeLancer app which provides a virtual walkhome by connecting students to a campus police officer to supervise your walk. There are also emergency blue posts around the campus that can be used to call the campus police at the press of a button.

The Campus Police can also be contacted by phone at 519-253-3000. 1234.


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