Vadodra: The system has started an investigation regarding the packet with expiry date Vadodara: System started investigation regarding packet with expiry date balshakti bhog IG News

Officials say that 10-year-old Diya Parmar’s daughter did not have food poisoning but only fever in the medical examination. Also, these expired food packets were distributed in March.

TV9 GUJARATI | Edited By: Manasi Upadhyay

Aug 06, 2022 | 11:37 PM

Anganwadi in Vadodara (Aganvadi) Expiry date for children (Expiry date) In the matter of providing food packets (VMC)(Vadodara Municipal Corporation) officials have started an investigation. However, ICDS department officials have denied the family’s claim that the girl had food poisoning due to eating expired food.

The packets were distributed in March

Officials say 10-year-old Diya Parmar did not have food poisoning, but only fever. (Fever) It has been revealed in the medical examination. Also, dated food packets with an expiry date of six months were distributed in March. Anganwadi provides 7 food packets to each beneficiary. Then packets of Balshakti food distributed in the month of July have also been found from the house of the beneficiary. Therefore, it is possible that the daughter’s guardian has given food to the girl child from the expired packet, as Balshakti food packets have been distributed in about 500 other families, but no such complaint has come from any family. However, even after the investigation, the family is adamant about their allegation.

The family claims that their baby girl fell ill due to the food packet with expiry date, then the leader of the opposition of Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Ami Rawat, has demanded a high-level investigation in this matter. He said that there should be a proper inquiry into this and action should be taken against the officials if they are responsible.

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