Vaibhavi Upadhyaya reportedly tried to get out of her vehicle through the window IG News

Published by: Suparna Majumder | Posted: May 26, 2023 9:12 pm| Updated: May 26, 2023 9:12 pm

Vaibhavi Upadhyaya reportedly tried to get out of her vehicle through the window  Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: After a few days, the marriage ceremony was supposed to take place. Before that, it was time to go for a walk in the hills of Himachal Pradesh with the groom-to-be. Jasmine aka Vaibhavi Upadhyaya of ‘Sarabhai Versus Sarabhai’ serial died at the age of 32. Sensational information about the death of the actress came to light.

Vaibhavi Upadhyaya

It was first heard that Vaibhavi’s car fell into a ditch while taking a turn on a hilly road in Himachal Pradesh. The actress’ boyfriend was also in the car. She survived but the 32-year-old actress died on the spot. However, Kullur Superintendent of Police Sakshi Verma told PTI that Vaibhavi tried to escape. But that has become fatal in his case.

[আরও পড়ুন: ফের বড়পর্দায় মুক্তি পাচ্ছে সানি-আমিশার ‘গদর: এক প্রেম কথা’, কিন্তু কেন?]

What exactly happened? Witness Verma said that after the car fell into the ditch, Vaibhavi Upadhyay tried to get out through his window. While doing so, he suffered a serious head injury. The actress was rescued and taken to Banja Civil Hospital. But could not be saved.

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Incidentally, apart from ‘Sarabhai Versus Sarabhai’, Vaibhavi has acted in serials like ‘Simply Sapne’, ‘Kaya Kasoor Hai Amalaka’. The actress was also seen in the series ‘Please Find Attached’. His eloquent performance touched the hearts of the audience. Meenakshi appeared in Deepika Padukone’s ‘Chhapaak’. He was also famous in the Gujarati theater world.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘অন্যের সিদ্ধান্তকে সম্মান করতে শিখুন..’, দ্বিতীয় বিয়ে বিতর্কে জবাব আশিস বিদ্যার্থীর]

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