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today’s future- Friday 10 March 2023
Fruit of the child born today

The child born today will be shy, reclusive, benevolent and sweet-spoken. Education will be good. Will get success in job. Will make his fortune away from the place of birth. There will be more than one source of income. Will be a devotee of parents.
Sheep- You will have to look down if your mistake is exposed. Beware of opponents. The means of entertainment, travel and enjoyment will be fulfilled. would benefit.
Taurus- If the work is not completed on time, the displeasure of the officers will have to be faced. Mental balance will remain. There is a possibility of getting profitable opportunities.
Gemini- There will be sadness due to the behavior of loved ones. Giving weight to minor things can cause a rift in relationships. There can be physical pain. There will be hard work.
Cancer- You will get lucky opportunities. Old matters will be resolved. Religious works will be outlined. There will be success in livelihood efforts. Political cooperation will be received.
Lion- Business partnership will be beneficial. You may have to take a loan to meet domestic needs. Comforts will be fulfilled. Contact sources will increase. You will get success.
Virgo- Control your voice. Officers will criticize the work. There are chances of success in marriage discussions. Will have to do more work than labor. Might will remain.
Libra- The journey will have to be postponed. It will be beneficial to move forward with everyone’s advice. Business business will be profitable. It will be beneficial to avoid controversies. Labor will be more.
Scorpio Be careful in business transactions, fraud can happen. Lying can get you in trouble. Family harmony will remain. Friendship will prove beneficial.
Sagittarius Important decisions will be delayed due to lack of confidence. By getting involved in other’s words, you will make your own people angry. Work will remain busy. Personal effort will be received.
Capricorn- Stuck work will be completed with the help of friends. Will start a new job. There will be progress in construction related works. Will get good news related to children. The sum of completion of work is strong.
Kumbh- Change the way you work over time. Do your own work instead of depending on others. The problem will be solved in political work. Courage and effort will increase.
Pisces- Telling your mind to a close friend will reduce the tension. Avoid interfering in the affairs of others. Dear guest will arrive. Problems will be solved. It is the sum of travel.

business future
Due to the effect of Chitra Nakshatra on Chaitra Krishna Tritiya, there will be a slowdown in the prices of wheat, barley, gram, sesame, urad. The prices of mustard, castor, vanaspati, ghee, jaggery, sugar will increase. There will be equality in the prices of cumin, coriander and red chillies. Futures Thoughts today at 11:10 am take profit by trading with trend. The lucky number is 7163.


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