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Licenses for any professional horse activity and programs in Victoria can be brought under the proposed new animal welfare laws.

The proposal is outlined in a plan developed as part of the reform process Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 and says that any ‘Showing and displaying animals for commercial purpose’ shall be subject to the new rules, in which a ‘License required’,

Asked if this means anyone earning income from showing or displaying horses may need to obtain a license, a spokesman for the state government said:

“The requirements in the regulations will not necessarily apply to all activities relating to showing horses or events involving horses.”

Nor would the government draw on how it defines “showing or displaying horses” and whether professional competitors in all disciplines can also be affected.

“Regulations will be developed after an assessment of potential costs and benefits, as well as stakeholder and community consultations,” spokesman said.

‘Showing and displaying animals for commercial purpose’ is one of eight ‘Classes of Conduct’ Which will be subject to the rules under the new Act.

Others are:

  • kill or injure any animal;
  • using an animal for testing (other than scientific procedures);
  • Performing procedures (other than scientific procedures) on an animal;
  • giving substances to an animal (other than scientific procedures);
  • Showing or displaying any animal for commercial purpose;
  • keeping an animal in an intensive environment for a commercial purpose;
  • transport of an animal for a commercial purpose; And
  • To organize an event in which animals are used in sport, competition, or entertainment.

There are also three areas of “controlled conduct” that include limiting certain procedures to only those performed by veterinarians.

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Asked whether it would have any impact on dentistry or ferrets and whether dentistry would be limited to veterinarians only, the spokesperson said only “The new act will allow for making rules for specialized activities such as equine dentistry or ferry”,

He added:

“The development of a new Act is the first step and while the rules are yet to be laid down, the proposed scheme is currently open for consultation.

Animal activities that are currently legal in Victoria will continue to be permitted under the new act, but specific requirements around the required procedures, horses involved and sporting events are subject to change.

The government has clarified that the new Act will differentiate between professional and recreational activities.

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The spokesperson said:

“This is because a higher number of animals are likely to be involved in a commercial setting, thus requiring higher penalties.

This distinction will be made after the consultation period is over and community feedback is considered. ,

The proposed changes are detailed in the document titled ‘Victoria plans new animal care and protection laws’ Which includes 16 policy proposals taken from the first round of consultations including a discussion paper released in 2020.

The government says the purpose of this round of consultation is to identify ‘Potential unintended consequences of policies, or potential gaps that would affect achieving objectives’,

It is also seeking feedback on how the policies will be achieved.

Victorians have until 16 October to comment and comment click here To go to the counseling page.

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