Vidarbha Cold Wave, Cold Wave: Snowfall in north, cold wave in Vidarbha, temperature drop, citizens took shelter of fires – maharashtra weather alert vidarbha witnessing cold wave nagpur yavatmal gondia and washim temperature low IG News

Nagpur : After a fortnight of the month of November, it has started getting cold. The temperature has dropped suddenly in the last two days. A minimum temperature of 10 degrees was recorded in Yavatmal on Sunday. This was the lowest temperature in Vidarbha. Below that, the temperature was recorded at 10.4 degrees in Gondia and 11.4 degrees in Nagpur. This is the lowest of this season. A mild cold wave has been declared in Yavatmal and Gondia.

With snowfall in the north last week, Vidarbha is getting colder. A few days ago, the main highway in Kashmir was also closed for some time due to snowfall. Vidarbha gets cold due to northerly winds. Accordingly, the temperature in the city started dropping from the beginning of last week itself. According to the Regional Meteorological Department, similar conditions will continue till November 23.

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Cold weather is likely to increase from November 24 onwards. The temperature is likely to remain below average during this period. The temperature in Nagpur is likely to remain around 11 to 13 for the next five days. A mild cold wave warning has been given in Yavatmal on Monday as well.

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As the temperature drops, the citizens take shelter of the fireplace

The mercury in Washim district has dropped and the night temperature has reached 13 degrees Celsius. The district has been suffering from severe cold for the past four days and the effect of this is being seen on the life of the people. Fires are lit in rural areas to protect from the cold and citizens are seen taking support from this.

The district recorded a maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. The weather department has predicted that the temperature will drop further in the next few days.

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