Video: Blackout situation in the remote villages of Banaskantha for the last 4 years, no electricity even after many representations – Video: Blackout situation in the remote villages of Banaskantha for the last 4 years, no electricity even after many representations IG News

Banaskatha: The people of the remote villages of the district have been forced to live without electricity for the past 4 years. There is no light anywhere in the village or in the fields, due to which there is no facility of drinking water either. The village does not even have basic facilities of roads, roads and sewerage.

In the remote villages of Banaskantha, they have been living in darkness for the last four years. But till today no attention has been given to them. Neither has any action been taken by the system towards their submissions. The problem of the residents of Dhaba Wali Vav village of Data taluka is that there is no electricity in the house and there is no light in the farm. There is no drinking water facility either. They have no luck even with basic facilities like roads.

For four years, people have been pushing the Gujarat Electricity Board for electricity

For the last four years, the villagers have been pushing the Donor Ambaji and Palanpur Gujarat Vidyut Board for electricity but there is no solution. How can children study without electricity? How will the women cook at night? That is a question. 21 farmers in Dhabawali Vav village have been demanding electricity in their fields for the last three years. They have filled the forms for the last three years, pushed the GEB office, conducted a survey twice but still electricity has not happened for these farmers.

Claims of Nal Se Jal Yojana are hollow

The claims of Nal Se Jal Yojana and water supply department’s claims that everyone will get water have been proved hollow in Dhabawali Vav village. Here, people have to draw water from the treated well and carry it to their homes. One can imagine the condition of those villages which do not have proper roads, which do not have drinking water, which do not have facilities like electricity. It is not difficult to understand that farmers have to work without electricity even in the field.

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This village is on Data Ambaji Highway. Although if we look at the village board from the outside, it will look like digital work, but if we go inside, all the claims of the government will seem hollow. They want to say that why can a person live without light and water? The Gram Panchayat collects taxes from these people, but the Gram Panchayat has failed to provide them facilities. Which is what these figures are saying. The system has failed to provide electricity and the water supply department has failed to provide water. Now when this village will develop is a big question.
Input Credit- Atul Trivedi- Banaskantha


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