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Forest officials and locals breathed a sigh of relief when a female leopard, which had climbed a 30-meter high coconut tree in Goa, came down on its own after 24 hours.

Leopards are generally good at climbing trees. Can easily climb any tree. Their body is flexible and flexible. What happened in this incident is.. As the sun was high in Goa.. a leopard could not find water in the forest.. On May 13, 2023, it came to a pond to quench its thirst. But there are some stray dogs near that pond. They saw the leopard and chased after it. As all the dogs came towards him, the cheetah started running. Instead of going into the forest, it went to a nearby village. In that order, it is believed that he would have climbed the coconut tree in fear of his life.

Forest officials came to know about the matter. A leopard was found stuck on a tree. They wanted to catch the leopard by giving a sedative injection (tranquiliser dart). But that coconut tree is very tall. If the cheetah slips from there, it will die.

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