Vidisha- Youth tied railway bridge and road bridge with Raksha Sutra, requested for safety of passengers. , Youth tied defense thread to railway bridge and road bridge, requested for security IG News

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  • Vidisha Youth Tied Railway Bridge And Road Bridge With Raksha Sutra, Requested For Safety Of Passengers.

Vidisha29 minutes ago

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Occasions of Raksha Bandhan in Vidisha Some youths have been following a unique tradition for many years. For the safety of the passengers, the youth tied defense threads on the railway bridge and road bridge.

On Thursday, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the members of Shiv Sadhana Gau Seva Samiti reached the railway bridge and road bridge in Rangai and tied Raksha Sutras and took a pledge for the safety of the passengers. The head of the committee Rakesh Chaurasia told that in the year 2009, along with Deepak Sahu, we started this process.

Committee chief Rakesh Chaurasia said that Deepak Sahu, who started it, is no longer in this world, but we are still following this tradition after him, the aim is to protect the safety of passengers passing through the road bridge and railway bridge. They bond and request him to help thousands of passengers reach their destinations safely.