Vigyanmati Mata’s sermon in Udainagar, Indore | Dharma protects those who protect Dharma IG News

Rajesh Jain Daddu. Indore9 minutes ago

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Shraman Dharma tied the thread of non-violence as a permanent and protective thread to the living beings. That means religion protects the one who protects religion. You can save millions of animals every year. Think that you accumulate great virtue by many big rituals, many big financial donations. This thing was said by Aryika Vigyanmati Mataji in the religious assembly on Thursday at Chandaprabhu Digambar Jain Temple located in Uday Nagar.

Mataji said- Vishnu Kumar had protected 700 sages, with a small effort of yours you can get the result of protecting lakhs of Sanghi five-centered creatures every year. Sadbhavna Sanstha does this work in Paryushan with the spirit of animal kindness in the city. You also have social parliaments, federation social groups, temple trusts and women’s organizations. With the efforts of all of you, you can get the result of protecting lakhs of Sanghi, Panchendriya living beings every year.

Rajesh Jain of the society told that a decision has been given by the Gwalior division bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, in which shops have been ordered to be closed for 22 days in a year in the entire state. In which 22 festivals like Ramnavami, Krishna Janmashtami, Gandhi Jayanti etc. fall on the 2nd day of Paryushan festival. Along with this, there is also an order to keep all shops related to animal slaughterhouse and meat sale closed. By giving awareness to the society, only by giving a memorandum to the city collector, municipal commissioner, get the shops of slaughterhouses closed on festivals as per the order of the court.