Vijay Mallya’s property will be confiscated by the Supreme Court – News18 Punjab IG News

India’s fugitive Vijay Mallya has received a big blow from the Supreme Court. The Mumbai court had pronounced a decision regarding Vijay Mallya’s property, which Mallya had challenged in the Supreme Court. But Mallya did not get relief even from the Supreme Court. Along with this, the way to confiscate their property has now become more clear.

In fact, the Supreme Court has dismissed Vijay Mallya’s application in which the Mumbai court had challenged the proceedings of declaring him a fugitive and an economic offender and confiscating his property. With this decision of the Supreme Court, Mallya There are two shocks at the same time. On the one hand, now he is going to remain an economic criminal and now his property is also going to be confiscated.

During the hearing before the Supreme Court, Mallya’s lawyer said that they have not received any information from their client, they themselves are in the dark. In such a case, Mallya was bound to get a big blow in this case. Because the lawyers fighting for him were themselves not clear on many issues. Well, this is not the first time that Mallya’s lawyers are in the dark and the court has dealt a blow to the fugitive Mallya.

It is worth mentioning that in the month of November last year, a lawyer had refused to fight a case of Vijay Mallya. Actually, there is a dispute with the State Bank of India about allowing Vijay Mallya to do something. Advocate EC Aggarwal is playing the role of his lawyer in that case. But in the hearing held now, EC Agarwal has refused to fight Mallya’s case. He told the bench of Justices Chandrachud and Hima Kohli that as far as I know, Vijay Mallya is still in the UK. But he didn’t talk to me. I only have their email address. Now since he cannot be traced, I should be excused from representing him in such a case.

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