Vijayvargiya’s first interview after ticket from Indore-1 | Question- Why did veterans like you have to step down, are you afraid? Answer- Will make me lose a little bit IG News

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BJP has surprised the entire state including Indore for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. BJP has fielded party’s national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya from Indore constituency no. 1. Vijayvargiya, who was once the mayor of Indore and sometimes a minister in Madhya Pradesh, was shifted by the party to the organization. right after getting the ticket Daily newspaper Asked Vijayvargiya what this… He smiled. However, going a step ahead of 2023, he has said that 2024 is very important for us. It is clear that the party has done exercises in terms of politics from state to centre.

What else did Vijayvargiya say, read the interview sequentially-

Know Vijayvargiya in four points

Wherever he fought in Indore city, he made that seat or post almost invincible. Two numbers, Seat and Mhow, are examples of this. He has also held the post of mayor.

– While being a minister in the Madhya Pradesh government, he resigned over a phone call and immediately agreed to work in the BJP organization.

– He is a rare leader of the BJP high command who has been given the post of National General Secretary for four consecutive times.

– For the last one year, he was not given the responsibility of any state, he kept working on strengthening the organization in Madhya Pradesh without any authorized responsibility.

First of all, the answer to the question which is being raised by many people and Congress…

Q- BJP has fielded many veteran leaders doing central politics in the second list, is the party facing any problem in winning the elections in Madhya Pradesh?

There is no problem in elections. If there was a problem then why would the party contest elections for us too? Doesn’t fight at all. They are making us fight only to lose. There is no problem of any kind in the elections. The election is very easy so we are making everyone contest.

Q- The party has fielded you from Indore-1, what will be your strategy?

We have a similar strategy in every election. Wherever I contest elections, I never contest there. Our workers fight. Workers will contest this election also. I will have to roam around the entire state. Our workers of Indore are very strong. Especially, Indore-1 is very strong. I have no problem with elections, but one thing, elections happen every now and then. There is a whole process, the hard work that has to be done has to be done.

Q- There are many surprising names in the second list, what kind of planning has the party done?
This is the party’s planning, 2024 is also very important for us. The party has to field new people and also give new work to the old people. This is a party process which continues.

Q. When did you know that the ticket was going to be available?

You were told a day before that you will be given some work, you should not refuse it. We are the soldiers of the party, we are ready to follow whatever orders the party gives. When I got the ticket from one number, I myself was shocked. Bharatiya Janata Party has moved ahead with two-thirds majority. How many more seats will be increased now, only time will tell.

When asked about becoming General Secretary for the fourth time, Nadda had given hints

The meaning of Vijayvargiya contesting the assembly elections is also giving rise to many questions regarding the leadership of the state. While talking to Dainik Bhaskar, Vijayvargiya himself had said that when he was made the National General Secretary for the fourth time, he had asked National President JP Naddha why for the fourth time. Then the answer I got was that I wanted to make something else, but it is fine now. It is noteworthy that Vijayvargiya has been seen continuously active in the entire Madhya Pradesh for the last one year.

Kailash Vijayvargiya contested assembly elections for the first time in 1990.

Kailash Vijayvargiya was fielded by BJP for the first time from Indore 4 in 1990. After this, Kailash Vijayvargiya entered the field from number 2 in 1993. He also contested the 1998 and 2003 elections from Indore 2. Kailash Vijayvargiya contested and won the 2008 and 2013 elections from Mahun. Now the party has made him the candidate from Indore 1.

I will not contest elections, but would add that whatever the order of the party may be.

On the question of contesting the assembly elections, Vijayvargiya often says that he does not want to contest the elections and has expressed his wish to the organization, but if the organization gives him the responsibility of any area, he will not step back and the organization has made him a candidate from the number one assembly constituency. made.

Situation on son’s ticket now in doubt

BJP has been giving statements against familyism. Vijayvargiya’s son Akash himself is an MLA and also a contender from seat number three of Indore. In such a situation, Vijayvargiya’s candidature may be in danger after getting the ticket. Actually, Akash’s ticket was opened through this route that Vijayvargiya had shifted to the organization. On Akash Vijayvargi contesting the elections, he said that I will not comment on this right now. This party will take the decision.

Has been dropped from C-group seat

The party had divided the seats into four groups in the Madhya Pradesh elections. Candidates for 39 seats of D Group had been declared, candidates have been fielded for 39 more seats in the second list. Congress holds constituency number 1 seat in Indore. Sanjay Shukla is the MLA here. The internal survey of the party was that if the party puts in efforts then this seat can be snatched from Congress. This is the reason why the party has played its biggest bet on this seat in Indore. In such a situation the matter has become interesting.

Actually, the matter is interesting because Sanjay Shukla’s family is also associated with BJP background. While Vijayvargiya is known for stories, bhajans and religious events, Shukla has also been organizing trips to religious places like Ayodhya. However, by fielding Vijayvargiya, BJP has created a big challenge for Shukla.

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