Village medicinal plants: Hemoglobin or starvation is not a daily iron pill, this blood will be fresh in this vegetable of rural Bengal. Health Benefits Of Helencha Saag For anemia and others treatment

This vegetable will make the blood fresh

Ayurveda Health Care: This vegetable contains a lot of chlorophyll, which is why digestion is good. Protects us from various bacterial diseases

Girls suffer the most from anemia. Lately, that problem is getting worse. When the amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood decreases, it is basically called anemia. Hemoglobin is a protein located in red blood cells that contains iron and transports oxygen. The prevalence of this disease is highest in developing countries. Although this problem is more prevalent among urban girls, rural girls also suffer from this same problem. The main reason for them is the lack of nutrition. Decreased production of red blood cells in the body is one of the causes of anemia. Anemia is very common in girls who have high menstrual flow. Again, those who have been suffering from a complex disease for a long time have less hemoglobin in their body than they need.

If hemoglobin is low, doctors recommend taking iron tablets. However, this pill should not be taken regularly. With the necessary food is also needed. Rose bananas, figs, mocha, thora should be eaten more. Eat different vegetables with that. However, the problem of anemia is the best of all Helencha vegetables. This vegetable is found in every house in rural Bengal. From time immemorial, mothers and grandparents have been forcibly feeding this helencha or hingche spinach to their children. Bitter in taste, but can not finish the benefits of this vegetable.

This vegetable is aquatic. Born in the pond. At the beginning of winter white flowers come on the tree. However, it is available in the market all the year round. The rainy season leads to various skin problems. And to overcome this problem, eat betel leaf every morning. Mix exactly three spoons of hinch leaf juice with half a cup of water and eat it. The blood will be clean. At the same time, multiple problems of skin itch, ribs and itching will also be removed. This vegetable also works well in liver problems. If you can mix 150 ml of water with 100 g of hinge vegetable juice, you will get benefits. The stems and stems of this Helencha tree cannot be discarded. It is good for low-blood pressure patients if you can take it every day with 2 teaspoons of honey.

Why do you eat spinach in the problem of anemia?

Helencha spinach contains many essential minerals and vitamins. There is sulfur, zinc, folic acid, iron. Which increases the amount of blood in the body. That is why doctors say that pregnant women should eat spinach. These vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll, which helps in better digestion. Protects us from various bacterial diseases. Also keeps skin, hair well. This vegetable also helps in weight loss. This vegetable contains complex carbohydrates. Which helps control the amount of insulin in the blood. Helencha also helps to reduce stress due to the presence of folate.

How to eat

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Hinge can be eaten with vegetable juice. You can also boil it and spread it with potato and mustard oil. Many people also eat hinche barao barao. You can also eat it by throwing it in pulses or broth.



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