Viral: “Don’t call me brother or uncle”, the notice posted by the cab driver in the vehicle went viral IG News

Don’t Call Me Bhaya Viral Post: With the changing times, people are using cabs more. During the journey, there are many conversations with the driver. In such a case, the question arises as to what you address the driver as during the conversation…driver sahib, bhai ji, uncle or something else. Well, you may be wondering what difference it makes. Actually a photo of a cab is going viral. The special thing about this cab driver is that he does not like to be called “brother or uncle”. So this driver has permanently written on the back of his seat that “Don’t call me brother or uncle”.

This post of the driver has gone viral. People are now giving different reasons for the notice. Twitter user Sohini M has shared the photo of this post. A user wrote that “Now what should I call the driver, what should I call the boss or the tapori?” Sohni wrote in response that there are many elderly cab drivers in Mumbai. It seems strange to call them by name.

A user named Aditi wrote, ‘I call every driver as ‘Driver Sahab’. Once I called a cab driver as ‘Driver Sahab’ and he was very happy, because he had been driving a cab for 20 years and no one had addressed him as such. Happy with this, he also chatted with me about it for a long time.

Another user wrote – I address him as sir or madam. It looks respectful and professional. Also, when we call someone as Uncle or Bhaiya, sometimes people misunderstand it.

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