Viral News: Little Boy’s Answer Paper Viral; See what he wrote about social ills IG News

There are many instances before our eyes that children are more playful and smarter than we think. Whether it is the influence of technology or the changes of modernity, the children of this century are one hand ahead of the elders and are ahead in every activity starting from game lessons. Now a video showing how smart children are on the internet is going viral and is being praised by netizens.

A picture of a little boy’s answer paper on pre-independence social evils is going viral on Twitter. The answer given by this class 5 boy created a new wave on the internet with Twitter users mesmerized by the boy’s wisdom.

The father shared the son’s answer sheet on Twitter

This post was shared by Maheshwar Peri, Founder & CEO, Pathfinder Publishing India Pvt. Maheshwar Peri, who shared a clip of his son’s fifth answer paper on Twitter, can see how the boy answered about the social evils of the pre-independence period.

A fifth class boy who gave importance to the issue of widow remarriage

If you were a pre-independence social reformer, what one social evil in force at that time would you want to eradicate to prevent India from falling behind? The question is explain why.

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A little boy’s answer sheet has gone viral

To this the boy replied that he would like to introduce the Widow Remarriage Act, which states that if a woman is a widow, she either has to follow Sati Sahagamana or else she has to wear a white saree, not tie her hair and not go outside. He said that if these widows remarry, they can get a good life and enjoy a happy life.

Twitter users expressed their feelings

The teacher appreciated the boy’s answer and considered it a good answer. Maheshwar Peri captioned the post that this is how his son answered his fifth class question paper.

No doubt this post caught the attention of many netizens for a good reason as Twitter users praised the kindness and noble thinking of the little boy.

Although a little boy, he has a compassionate and noble attitude towards others and his heart is full of care, you parents should be proud of your son,” wrote a user.

Twitter followers hailed the boy as kind

The contribution of parents in raising children is unique. That your son has embodied such a noble ideal at such a young age shows how well you have raised him. Congratulations to you,” another user commented.

Such a big heartedness in the fifth grade is really amazing. “God bless the baby,” wrote another. Another wrote that the child is very kind. Twitter users commented that it was truly amazing.


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