Viral Video | Gujrati Doggy did a tremendous garba on the song ‘Chowgada Thara’, won the hearts of millions of people on social media, watch video IG News

Photo -thekattappa

Mumbai : As Navratri approaches, people start preparing for Garba and Dandiya. In Gujarati family, almost all the people express their happiness through Garba and Dandiya on this happy occasion. You must have seen everyone from small children to elders doing Garba and Dandiya, but if we ask you, have you ever seen a dog doing Garba? Yes you heard it right. Today we are going to tell you about the Garba video of a Gujarati Doggy going viral on social media.

In this viral video, you can see that Doggy is seen dancing to the tunes of Garba with a girl. Please tell that this dog belongs to a Gujarati family. In the video, as the girl dances, Doggy is also seen following the girl’s steps and doing garba on the song ‘Chowgada Thara’. This video going viral has been shared on Instagram by a user named thekattappa.

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This is the official account of Doggy. On which the video of Doggy is shared by its owner. It is worth noting that this Garba video of Doggy has got more than 3 lakh 25 thousand views and more than 21 thousand likes so far. So there people are also giving their reaction after watching the video. One user wrote, ‘It is lovely to see Katappa doing garba with her sister. Enjoy and have fun.’