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Virus surge: Nearly 900 people hospitalized with flu or covid as RSV on the rise again IG News

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Around 414 have been hospitalized for flu, the most this winter, and cases of the virus have not yet peaked, the HSE warned today.

As hospital emergency departments suffer from an increase in the number of patients on trolleys, respiratory diseases are driving an increase in visits and admissions.

Covid-19 is also on the rise and RSV, which mainly affects very young children, has increased again.

The pressure on hospital systems is increasing and we expect flu activity to continue to peak in the coming weeks,” the HSE warned.

Last week there were 1,628 cases of flu, of which 414 were hospitalized.

“This is the highest number of flu cases and hospitalizations so far this winter season and almost double the number seen in the week before Christmas.”

Covid is also spreading with 1,200 cases last week, including 459 hospitalized.

“This is the highest number of Covid-19 cases since the August 2023 wave.”

The HSE also revealed that RSV rose slightly last week, following a downward trend for several weeks, compared to Christmas, when there were 465 cases and 147 hospitalisations.

“RSV activity peaked in early December and declined throughout the month. This slight increase is usually in early January, after socializing over Christmas and back to school/childcare.

“The increase in RSV in early January each season is generally at a lower level than the initial peak of activity.

The HSE has urged people with any symptoms of covid-19 or flu, or if they feel generally unwell, to stay at home for 48 hours after symptoms have mostly or completely disappeared.

Avoid contact with other people, especially with people who are at higher risk for covid-19.

Get further advice if you are unwell and aged 65 or over; if you are pregnant; if you have a chronic medical condition or a weakened immune system, or if your symptoms do not improve or get progressively worse after seven days.

“It’s also not too late for anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated against flu and covid to get their vaccine if they’re eligible, as this will help prevent serious illness and help prevent these illnesses from spreading to people who are more vulnerable. .

“Vaccination is especially recommended for people who are at higher risk of severe disease, such as pregnant women or those over 65. Health and care workers should get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and patients. You can visit a personal doctor or a pharmacy to get the vaccine.”

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