Vismaya case: Husband harassed for dead ‘Friend Request’ Relatives who stepped into the police station IG News

Vismaya case: Husband harassed for dead ‘Friend Request’ Relatives who stepped into the police station

There is no premise that the dead are alive. But Miracle has a similar story of survivors. But she died years after her daughter died. She didn’t live like that. But relatives have come up with a Facebook Request in her name, which she is terrified of. Her relatives went straight to the police station and complained.

A young doctor from Kerala, Vismaya Nair, may have heard about the death. Her suicide case has caused huge commotion in the whole of Kerala. She had died by suicide. Her husband was Kiran Kaivadav in this case. Similarly Kiran is out on bail as his arrest. What is surprising is that fake Facebook accounts have been opened in the name of suicide, and the richest ones have started coming. Remacrest comes from a fake account of awe to relatives. Bored of this, he went to the police station and lodged a complaint.

The account has been opened in the name of awe-inspiring Vijit on Facebook and has around 800 friends. That is why the photo of Awe in the profile is posted. Vijith is the brother of Vismaya who is not on the Friend Least of this account. Friend Request has gone from this fake account to many people and reached out to relatives. Surprised at this, he turned his face towards the police station.

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Police have launched a serious investigation into the incident. Earlier, the court had argued about the Instagram account maintained by the astonishing father. Relatives complain on the same basis. Relatives have been caught trying to uncover who has opened a fake account.

The trial of the case in Kollam’s 1st Additional Sessions Court in connection with the astonishing suicide case has been completed and the verdict will come out on the 23rd of this month.

This is the case that shook Kerala!

She was working as a young doctor of awe. She was married to Kiran Kumar. But he was tormenting her for his money. This led to her death in awe. The awe-inspiring husband who had committed suicide had dislodged her dark face.

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Kiran was working as a motor vehicle division officer in Kerala. He was getting a good job and a proper salary. But the doctor was awe-struck by his excessive desire for money. Eventually, she could not bear all this and committed suicide. Kiran had lost his job due to overindulgence and was arrested.

Married in 2020

Vismaya and Kiran got married in May of 2020. They both lived in Kollam, Kerala. Both husband and wife lived a short life. But excessive money for husband Kiran. In the same vein, awe is said to have committed suicide. Her body was found hanging in her husband’s house on Monday morning, June 21, 2021. She had scar marks all over her body. It was almost certain that Kiran was responsible for her death.

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