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800 artists. One billion goosebumps. And, for me, a few tears of joy.

When I hit my mid-20s going into tears became an area of ​​expertise. As such, it wasn’t surprising that I found myself swallowing the Lone Piper’s skier, standing proudly atop Edinburgh Castle for the grand finale of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, echoing in the dark skies.

However, as I looked out over the Esplanade and the 8,800-strong audience was being beaten by a typical autumn breeze, it was clear that I was not alone. Fascinated by the carnival of color and sound that they witnessed during the 90-minute show, each head bowed skyward toward Piper.

In its 72-year history, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Each year, artists entertain a live audience of 220,000 on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, with a global TV audience of over 100 million. this year’s show, voicesDraws inspiration from those who, despite physical isolation during the pandemic, continued to connect through common ‘languages’ like song, music and dance.

Mexico brought a carnival atmosphere with its Dia de los Muertos sequence. [Rosie Morton]

It was a seamless blend of the traditional and the innovative. Celtic crowd-pleasing numbers of massive pipes and drums, Highland dancing and skippish were combined with Tom Jones’ vocals. delilahthe White Stripes’ army of seven nationsand Robbie Williams’ let me Entertain You,

The revamped program was led by Tattoo’s first creative director, Michael Braithwaite, who said: ‘voices A celebration of the human power of connection. With music, song, dance, pictures, sound and light these voices have reached all over the world despite our inability to travel.’

He continued: ‘From the massive pipes and drums and breathing power of our military artists, to the color and spectacle of our cultural groups, to the enthusiasm and energy of our singers and dancers, voices Both the tattoos you know and love, and are a bold new step into the future.’

Massive drums and pipes are taking center stage. [Rosie Morton]

More than 800 artists from around the world, including the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK, took to the Esplanade, and a leg, drumstick or kilt pleat was not out of place.

Top Secret Drum Corps, a popular favorite from Switzerland, who first performed at Tattoo in 2003, returned to showcase their precise drumming; Banda Monument de México, taking advantage of new special effects, turned the iconic fortress into a carnival with its Día de los Muertos sequence; While the performance of Electro Pipes shake that bagpipes The 21st century brought traditional Scottish music, complete with furiously energetic dance, lasers and pyrotechnics.

Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps impressed with their precise drumming.

Tattoo chief executive Buster Howes said: ‘Tonight we intend to make up for lost time with our comeback show, voices, I took charge of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2020, although this is my first show as chief executive on the charity’s board since 2015.

‘This year’s show carefully integrates tradition and innovation, mass and individuality, excitement and pathos, wonder and humour, precision and enthusiasm. We hope, this will move a wide range of emotions and, like all powerful forms of art and performance, to all of you—whatever age, origin, or persuasion—to reflect and feel both inspired and energized. Inspire.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2022 with a bang. [Rosie Morton]

Old Reiki is at pains to welcome the tattoo after a three-year Covid-induced hiatus. Judging by the immaculate laughter of the crowd with wide smiles and deep stomachs as they rolled down the Royal Mile after the show, voices was roaring success.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo runs until 27 August 2022.
The remaining tickets can be purchased here or by phone on 0131 225 1188.


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