Voting EVM directly elects the mayor


Voting EVM directly elects the mayor

President Dr. Arif Alvi has issued Islamabad Local Government Ordinance 2021.

According to the ordinance, polling for local body elections in Islamabad will be conducted through electronic voting machine. There will also be i-voting in the local body elections of Islamabad while the election of the mayor of Islamabad will be direct.

The ordinance has been issued under Article 89 of the Constitution. The ordinance states that the mayor of Islamabad will be elected for four years. The mayor’s cabinet will have 12 members and the total number of members of Municipal Corporation Islamabad will be 70.

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According to the ordinance, development work, education, basic health and public transport have been handed over to MCI.

Parks, water supply, sanitation system and street lights will also be handed over to MCI. The ordinance states that each Neighborhood Council will have a population of 20,000. The 10-member Neighborhood Council will consist of five general members, a woman and a religious figure.

The Neighborhood Council will have two women senior citizens and one youth representative each.

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