Waiting for Dahanu-Nashik Railway since pre-independence era; Statement once again Waiting for Dahanu Nashik Railway since pre independence era amy 95 IG News

Nitin Bombade
155 km from Dahanu to Nashik which has been in demand since 1932. A statement was given to Vaishnav (228) regarding the railway line proposal by meeting him at his office in Delhi and approving the geographical development. Railway Minister Ashtiddhr (228) N Vaishnav said that the railway line is pending as the cost of Dahanu Nashik railway line is expected to be 20 thousand crores. After being convinced of the importance and geographical information of the Dahanu to Nashik railway line, he assured to reconsider the matter.

In the year 1932, there is a demand for Dahanu to Nashik railway line during the rule of the British government. Dahanu to Nashik is 155 km in this route. Distance belts are divided into three districts namely Palghar, Thane, Nashik and being close to Mumbai, Mumbaikars will also get relief for communication. Palghar District BJP Gujarati Cell President Bhavin Parekh, Office Secretary Haresh Marde, Dinesh Marde, Akash Singh were present on this occasion.

Dahanu-Nashik railway line has been in demand for many years. But this demand has been neglected due to the mountain ranges. If the Dahanu Nashik railway line starts, education, employment, job opportunities can be created. Also, industrial, agricultural, tourism business can be boosted due to communication. Dahanu’s famous chiku, dry fish, Nashik grapes, vegetables are in great demand. Therefore, the demand for starting the Dahanu Nashik railway line has started gaining momentum.

The demand for Dahanu to Nashik railway made in the year 1932, since the first Lok Sabha in 1952, the demand for Dahanu to Nashik railway line has been continuously raised. In the year 1952, the then MP Nandkar and in the 1957 Lok Sabha MP and Raje Yashwantrao Mukne of Jawhar raised their voice in the Lok Sabha for that demand, however, in the pre-independence period, the then Raja of Jawhar Martandrao Mukne first demanded the Nashik-Dahanu railway line from the British government. From the year 1962 to 2009, MPs of all parties in the Lok Sabha demanded the aforementioned Dahanu to Nashik railway line. Former MP Kai. Damu Shigda, former MP Kai. Shankar Nam, Former Member of Parliament Kai. Chintaman Vanaga and many others were involved.


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