Walking to regain power: Modi- Dinamani IG News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that those who were ousted from power are walking to regain power.

A campaign meeting was held on Monday by the BJP in the state’s Surendra Nagar ahead of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections. Prime Minister Modi, who participated in it, indirectly criticized Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He further said:

Currently, Congress does not talk about development in the election campaign. Instead, Congress leaders are saying that they will show Modi what his status is. Consider their arrogance. They (Sonia Gandhi family) belong to the royal family. I am an ordinary servant. I have no status.

In the past, the Congress has criticized me by using words like scoundrel and dealer of death. I urge them to talk about development without resorting to such criticism. I tolerate such insults because I am focused on making India a developed nation.

Some who have been ousted from power are marching to regain power. They walk with the people (Meda Bhatkar) who stalled the Narmada dam project for 40 years and kept Gujarat thirsty. People of Gujarat will punish those who take this walk in this election. People will also punish those who opposed the Narmada dam project.

Walkers (Rahul Gandhi) don’t know the difference between groundnut and cotton. Even after eating the salt prepared in Gujarat, some despise Gujarat.

About 80 percent of the total manufactured salt in the country is manufactured in Gujarat. Previous Congress governments did not pay attention to the problems of salt workers.

The people of Surendranagar made a mistake in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections held in 2017 by allowing the Congress to win some seats. He said those opposition MLAs have not done their constituency any favours.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi spoke at Jambushar town in Bharuch district, which has a large population of tribals:
For a long time the Congress leaders did not know that there were tribals living in India. Tribal people have been living there since the time of Lord Rama and Krishna. Did they not participate in the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857? Tribal people have worked hard for this country. But this is not known to Congress leaders.

It was only after Atal Bihari Vajpayee became Prime Minister that a separate ministry for the welfare of tribals was created. He said that even today, Congress leaders make fun of me for wearing tribal clothes.

Earlier, the party released a video in which Prime Minister Modi sat down with a girl singing a BJP campaign song and praised him as a young BJP volunteer.


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