Washim: Local crime branch raids on illegal gutka sellers; 88,000 worth of valuables seized IG News

Washim; Leading News Service: The local crime branch team raided the storage, sale and transportation of tobacco and tobacco-related products going on in a hidden way. 88,000 worth of goods have been seized from the accused in this action.

The team of Local Crime Branch, Washim has seized Gutkha worth Rs. Based on the information received through undercover informants raided some places in Jaulka area and seized goods worth Rs. At the same time, during the inspection in the Panpatti area of ​​Pusad Naka area of ​​Washim city, Gutkha of different companies, banned by the Maharashtra government, has been seized. In this raid, gutkha and pan masala of different companies worth approximately Rs.4,310/- were seized from one of the accused. In a total of 4 such operations, the goods in question were seized from 4 accused. A case under the Food Safety and Standards Act has been registered against these accused in Washim and Jaulka police stations. Further legal action is underway. The police informed that the campaign against illegal businesses will continue in the same way.

The said action was under the guidance of District Superintendent of Police Bachchan Singh (IPS). The team of Somnath Jadhav, Local Crime Branch, Washim, Poupani. Shabbir Kha Pathan, Pohwa. Kishore Chincholkar, Deepak Sonwane, Pona. Done by Nilesh Ingle, Santosh Shenkule, Digambar More, Avinash Gadge, Vitthal Surve, Mapona.Sangita Shinde, Reshma Thackeray. The Washim District Police Force is appealing to all the people as informed citizens to inform the control room if there is any complaint of this kind, and the name of Isma will be kept confidential.