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Mumbai- Home Minister Amit Shah appreciated Network 18’s special initiative ‘Mission Swachhta Aur Pani’ telethon. In his inspiring message, he said that congratulations to him for taking such an initiative on important aspects of human life. Health and water are important components of human life and healthy body and increasing its strength cannot be a greater task in society. The Home Minister said that the water we are drinking today, which was saved by our ancestors 10 thousand years ago, is being used.

Unless the entire society of India incorporates the practice of water conservation into their lives, the problem of water scarcity will not be solved. So there is a great need for public awareness. A lot of efforts are being made by the government. He said that Mahatma Gandhi was the first to tell about the importance of cleanliness. Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken forward the ritual of cleanliness. He said that today if someone throws down the chocolate wrapper, the child standing next to him talks about throwing the waste in the dustbin.

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