Water leak stopped in metro tunnel after 48 hours IG News

Water leak stopped in metro tunnel after 48 hours

Work was started late at night only
Kolkata : The water leakage has stopped in Bahu Bazar after about 48 hours. Actually, the leakage of water had stopped at 10 places of the tunnel, but it was leaking from one place. Now KMRCL claims that that too the leak has stopped. During the work of Metro on Durga Pituri Lane in Bahubazar, water started entering the tunnel through 11 packets spaced one and a half meter apart. Although it was possible to stop the flow of water from 10 places, yet one place could not be closed. According to KMRCL sources, now the flow of water has been stopped from other places. However, KMRCL officials are probing whether the water could re-enter from some other place. After nearly two and a half years, the work of Metro in Durga Pituri Lane of Bahubazar has been disrupted due to water leakage in this tunnel, along with cracks in many walls.
Cracks occurred in many houses on BB Ganguly Street: On the other hand, some houses on BB Ganguly Street, about 150 meters away from Bahubazar, where the Metro Rail work is being done, were also damaged. The residents here allege that earlier it was repaired, but again cracks appeared. The people here are in panic. He says that even after complaining, no action is being taken. The residents of Durga Pituri Lane for Metro work in Bahubazar had to relocate after cracks developed in their homes. Just opposite it, residents of a house in Sakara Para Lane moved to a hotel located on BB Ganguly Street. In that hotel 13 people from 4 families had got shelter. A family claimed that they had to leave home thrice for Metro Rail work.



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