Water shortage in Nashik, women go down wells and fill water at the risk of life IG News

  • It has been scorching hot here in Maharashtra for the last few days
  • People are eagerly waiting for the arrival of monsoon
  • Women went down to the well to collect water amid the intense heat

Currently, severe heat is falling in many states of the country. Temperature is rising in Maharashtra. It has been scorching hot here for the past few days. People are suffering due to sunlight during the day and humidity at night. Now people are eagerly waiting for the arrival of monsoon. But Maharashtra is not the only one facing heat crisis. The only relief from the heat is a severe water crisis. Now once again there is water problem in some parts of Maharashtra. The water crisis in a village in Nashik is such that women are forced to fetch water in the sun.

cry of water

In Maharashtra’s Nashik, a village in Peth, women descended into a well to collect water amid sweltering heat due to water scarcity. Like every year in Nashik, this time also people are facing water problem in summer. After much struggle they get some water. Drinking water is also not available properly. Other water needs are far-fetched.

The women went down to the well

Currently, water crisis is more prevalent in various areas of Nashik these days. People have to go far to fetch water. The local people are demanding the government to provide water facility. People are getting drinking water with great difficulty. Tribal people of Boratpada village who are forced to walk 2 km for drinking water even after all these years of independence.

Maharashtra State Minister Dadaji Bhuse said that efforts are being made to supply water to many villages in the state under the Jal Jeevan Mission. Besides this, drinking water is being supplied to the affected villages from nearby dams.