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News Daily Digital Desk: Why ocher bikini in the song ‘Besharam Rong’? Before the release of ‘Paathan’ there was a lot of controversy. The fire of controversy was so strong that question marks appeared on the film display. But for now, the box office report of Pathan has blown away all the controversies. Pathan’s entry into the 500 crore club in just five days. However, there are indications that the sending will not stop there.

Shah Rukh did not open his mouth to the media about ‘Pathan’ until now due to the controversy. However, Shahrukh Pathan Khan answered all the questions in the press conference on Monday.

While Shah Rukh didn’t directly boycott ‘Pathan’ or ‘Beshram Rong’ in an ocher bikini, Shah Rukh said, “Whenever we make a film, it’s absolutely to spread love. If I am playing a villain, the motive is still the same. It is not our intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just want to make people happy. In this case Deepika is Amar, I am Akbar, John is Antony. We love our countrymen and want to give them love.”

[আরও পড়ুন: এবার গোয়েন্দা অবতারে করিনা কাপুর খান, প্রকাশ্যে ‘বাকিংহাম মাডার্স’ ছবির ফার্স্টলুক ]

The entire film team including Shah Rukh Khan decided not to react to the controversy on ‘Pathan’ from the beginning. So he didn’t comment before the release of ‘Pathaan’. Now the whole world ‘send’ the storm. Shahrukh’s ‘Pathan’ has blown away all the controversies and made a business of 500 crores in just 5 days. With that success, Shah Rukh organized a press conference at Yash Raj’s studio on Monday. It was there that the king of Bollywood opened up about the film for the first time. He was accompanied by Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

First of all, Shah Rukh thanked all the media of the country. In Shahrukh’s words, ‘The media is definitely behind the peaceful release of this film. They are also partners in the success of the film. I always wanted, not with hate, but with love to release this film. Thank God it finally happened.’

Shah Rukh avoided all the controversies related to Pathan in the press conference. Instead, he answered patiently. Shah Rukh said, I was learning cooking during Corona. I thought maybe I should change my profession. But all the sorrows of the last four years have been forgotten in the last four days. Despite not promoting Pathan through the media, Shah Rukh has been promoting this film continuously on social media. He also answered various questions of the fans. In Shahrukh’s words, thank the audience. Because they are my backbone.

Although Shahrukh is the trump card of ‘Pathan’, John Abraham is the real surprise of this film for Shahrukh. He was full of praise for John in almost every word. In Shah Rukh’s words, ‘This kingdom of Pathan is because there were villains like John. Not me, the girls are more crazy to see John! Deepika’s praise can also be heard in Shahrukh’s mouth. Shah Rukh said, Deepika is the style statement of this film. Deepika has beaten better than me.’

Amidst the success of ‘Pathan’, Shahrukh and the film’s director hinted at Pathan 2. In Shah Rukh’s words, ‘I will work hard on Pathan 2. I will bring more success from Pathan.’ However, no one has revealed exactly when Pathan 2 will come.

[আরও পড়ুন: হাতে জ্বলন্ত সিগার আর বন্দুক, ‘আরিয়া ৩’র টিজারে মাফিয়া ক্যুইনের মেজাজে সুস্মিতা ]

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