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The killing of a minister in Odisha by a policeman is alarming. According to reports, the attacker was suffering from a mental disorder called bipolar disorder. According to WHO report, 9 people commit suicide for every 100,000 people in the world, while 10.2 people commit suicide in Asia. But, in India this figure of 12.9 is alarming for people. Suicide is the leading cause of death among youth aged 15 to 29. According to a Lancet study, the prevalence of depression and anxiety increased by 28% and 26% respectively across the world between 2020-22 post-corona, with more young people reaching this stage due to fear of the future or livelihood crisis. Psychiatrists believe that clinging to social media is a big reason behind this, as young people shy away from direct relationships. Depression or anxiety is still seen as a stigma in society, so the patient hesitates to go to a psychiatrist and the illness continues to worsen. It is time for the wise men of the society to come forward and tell their stories to awaken others. Film stars like Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar have created awareness among the masses by telling their stories of depression while at the peak of success. Many other celebrities are also speaking about their past and suggesting proper treatment to come out of it. Till date in India neither the society has realized this nor the governments have been able to take notice of this menace. There is a need to think in this direction.

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