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We VVIPs people
Inshallah, ma sha Allah, praise be to Allah now
have become self-sufficient,
with your prayers,
By the grace of Allah,
This country is now under God’s command, God willing
It has become self-sufficient.

Now you can never starve in it.
We have become self-sufficient
We have changed cities and towns into tents
Turned the land into a river
Your beds
in boats for you,
And in deserts
In the hot sun
Turned into awnings.

We VVIPs people
By lifting your pain from your homes, huts, slums
As your own children
Brought out to the streets
Where are the roads? On the two banks of the flowing waters that were once united.
Masha Allah we have the dead bodies
Turned into furniture.

in the water
Masha Allah
Submerged settlements
We proved the city of Venice
That now you can see our progress by climbing the hills of Thar in India
That all our roads lead to Rome
And we caught Darya King by both ears
In its belly are palaces, gardens, gardens, farmhouses, I don’t know how, houses, fish farms, kitty jetties.
Have you not made any of our blessings that you will deny?
We VVIP people.

We are not Nero to play the flute
Alhamdulillah Bhutto is alive
and with you,
Not seeing that they are also like you
He had landed in the water with his ankles
And still landed
Neither senior nor junior
Like Jesus walking on water
We left him walking in the water
That, son, is better than walking in a river of blood.

A mosquito a year.
Do you still need mosquito nets?
His lands are also in water, Masha Allah
Masha Allah
And his losers too
Mehar, Dadu, Juhi, Khairpur Nathan Shah
People are brave
They know how to swim in water.

Knee Knee Waist Waist Neck Neck
Flowing, laughing, crying, living and dying people
Looking at Qalandar?
Tera Sehun Rahe Abad
Gopi Chandra
Tell me how much water my fish?
Water from the sky
Water falling in rivers”
“Water smelling its way”
Wandering poet water
Tons of water
Adam smells like water
Water burning in the fire
Tell my fish how much water.

We told the UN Secretary General
With how many dirty shoes brought and stood in front of you
That he was not even worthy to set foot on our red carpet
She’s a little Angelina Jolie
And now the world from the goods coming off the cargo ships of the world
Our airports have become malls
Dubai Mall
Biscuits boxes, some Nestlé water bottles, some tents you too must have been lucky
Then we will set up Mangal in the forest for them from their tents.
Islamic brothers like our brothers Yusuf
Only interested in Talwar breeding
Infidels want to send condoms for you
But we forbade their aid giving it an Islamic touch
Masha Allah
Masha Allah

We freed you from the emergency of hospitals and graveyards
And turn ambulances into public transport for you
But transport and biryani plates are free in the meetings
Now the land is not ruled by Malik Riaz
It is of water.
That deserts are deserts
We did not even leave the river
Die by drowning before you disappear
What can we do if someone doesn’t understand this even after eating two chappars?
We are neutral
If you will not accept the neutral’s tutorial, then so be it.
The helicopter will come
And Masha Allah
We saw from the helicopter
That homeland
It has turned into a big lake
And the people in the Khamiya settlements
“Don’t bring tents
Foreigners will not burn.
And who is selling it?
That the homeland is Karbala of water
And O strangers
Let us stay VVIPs people
Watching you from the skies
Don’t make a picnic out of natural disasters
Don’t settle for your penny vote
Two cent logos
Fornicators with dolphins
We piss on your vote
We turned your women into mermaids/fire fairies
Your children in colorful fish
We sacrificed our helicopter and the knights on it
Floating on water
Turn your boxes into crosses
And you walk on the water in the procession of condolences
And your mountains in cotton
And do you think you are Jesus walking on water?
This is Noah’s storm
The type of khas and khashak times
Only his righteous sons like us can survive it
Who can fly in the sky despite being a crocodile
That tears only come out of the tear gas we owe
Which we run on provincials, teachers and lady health workers
Bomb-proof, belt-proof except for vehicles with broken glass
From distant telescopes in airplanes
By aerial review
Can see you rise and fall
As your own pain sinks and rises
As the heart sinks in the eyes of a Hussain or Hasina
You have not heard how many times we have said the words in our press conferences
Helicopters, airplanes, aerial surveys will be used.
You count
And which of our blessings will you reject?
We looked down on the mountains of Kirthar on low flights
That your goats, cows, buffaloes, our crocodiles and fishes
Everyone is having a picnic at Gorakh Hill Station
And their petrol, gas and our allowances were saved
That you will sink there with your slums and graveyards
May Allah Ta’ala be your Hafiz and Nasir
Good Bye
We VVVIPs people
No DIPs!
Maybe your ears are full of water.


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