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If married (Marriage) is called the harvest of hundreds of years. Calling on all, however, to be recognized forever among relatives and friends Bridal threadWe are seeing the celebration of Angaranga glory. They try to specialize in everything from wedding dresses to bridal pavilion decorations to wedding receptions. That is why there is no going back on how much it costs. However, we have seen the printing of wedding invitations and invitations to invite close ones. Those invitation magazines are also minted to suit their tastes.

Those who receive the magazines will also be kept safe until the wedding to see when and where the wedding will take place. But, the villagers of that village are not surprised to receive a Marriage Invitation Card. So .. why are the villagers wondering. What is in the original wedding card .. Let’s find out why the villagers are wondering.

Ramesh goes to 900 families himself and presents his wedding card

Mallapuram panchayat is located near Thiruvidaimarudur near Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district. Here is Ramesh, the chairman of the council. He was re-elected for a second term. His panchayat consists of 900 families in the villages of Mallapuram, Kachukattu, Thirumalarajapuram, Lower Thirumalarajapuram and Will Velangudi. His daughter Shalini Kailash’s wedding will take place on the 24th of this month in the scandal.

He considered the villagers who won him a second time as family members. With this .. he printed about 900 names of all the villagers and relatives in his daughter’s wedding invitation and gave it to everyone. Without stopping, he goes door to door with 900 families and delivers his daughter’s wedding invitations. The wedding invitation he gave out printed the names of 900 family elders, as well as the names of relatives who wished them well.

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The villagers were shocked to see the newspaper given by the panchayat president Ramesh. While everyone was printing only the names of their relatives in the wedding magazine, Ramesh was thinking well. He was printing the names of all the villagers in his family wedding invitations. The proverb says that everyone is one family, regardless of caste or religion. Now, all the villagers are appreciative of the work done by Ramesh.

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