Went to change 2000 notes with heavy steps, two Maoist policemen were ‘hunted’! IG News

Mahesh Tiwari, Representative

Bijapur, May 26: RBI has decided to demonetize Rs 2000 notes. Maoists have taken the brunt of RBI’s demonetisation. The police foiled the attempt of the Maoists to change the money by depositing two thousand rupees notes in the bank. Chhattisgarh Police has detained the supporters of Maoists along with Rs.6 lakh and Rs.2000 notes.

Police intercepted two persons riding a motorcycle at a check post in Bijapur of Chhattisgarh, adjacent to Gadchiroli district, and interrogated them. During the investigation, the police found six lakh rupees with two thousand notes in his bag. Along with this, police have seized passbooks of 11 different banks and Maoist propaganda material from them.

According to the arrestees, Mallesh, the commander of Platoon No. 10 of the Maoists, had given this amount in exchange for demonetisation.

Note exchange rule

As per the RBI circular, you can deposit Rs 2000 notes in your bank or get other notes in exchange for these notes. From May 23, 2023, going to the bank and changing the notes of 2 thousand rupees has started, but only 20 thousand rupees can be deposited at a time.

2 thousand notes were introduced under RBI Act 1934 Section 24(1). After the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes were phased out, Rs 2000 notes were introduced to avoid currency shortage. After the availability of other notes in abundance in the market, the purpose of Rs 2000 notes was over, so the printing of Rs 2000 notes was stopped in the year 2018-19 itself.

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