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Kolkata: While a minister has been arrested in a corruption case in West Bengal, in the next move, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s close aide Anupradha Mondal has been arrested.

The CBI officials, who conducted a ‘raid’ at his house in the cattle smuggling case, arrested him as he refused to cooperate with the investigation. Subsequently, the ruling Trinamool Congress party has panicked due to the crisis activities of the central organizations. In West Bengal, the Trinamool Congress is ruling under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Cattle are smuggled to our neighboring country Bangladesh through this state border. In order to prevent this, BSF, known as Border
Security forces are involved.

A huge scam

Cattle smuggled from northern states including Uttar Pradesh fetch good prices in Bangladesh. At the same time, small cattle smuggled from states including West Bengal fetched low prices.
The border guards periodically confiscate the smuggled cattle. In this, there was a complaint that a huge fraud had taken place. Border Security Force officials, government officials, traders and politicians were involved in the scam.

According to this, although well-grown cattle were caught, smaller cattle were captured. Officials were bribed for this. Later, these cattle were smuggled back to Bangladesh with the help of traders and officials.
A fraud of several crores of rupees has taken place in this and came to light in 2018. The CBI is investigating in this regard. In this case, some Border Security Force officers were arrested. During their investigation, it was revealed that some politicians were also involved.

CBI, Raid

In particular, it came to light that Trinamool Congress, Kin Birbham District President Anupradha Mondal was involved. It was confirmed that Mondal played an important role in securing money from cattle smugglers. In this case, some people, including Montal’s aides, have already been arrested. Anupradha Mondal failed to appear despite being ‘summoned’ twice in the last three days to attend the hearing related to the case.

Subsequently, the CBI officers conducted raids yesterday at places including his house; Many documents were seized. He was also interrogated. But as he did not cooperate with the investigation, he was arrested by CBI officials. Since the inception of Trinamul Congress, Anupradha Mondal, who has been with the party, is considered to be close to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The party members call him ‘Phirbam Baahubali’. Meanwhile, a doctor from Bolpur has given a certificate that ‘Mondal is not well and needs 14 days rest’. He has also been arrested for giving a fake medical certificate.”There is no room for any compromise in the corruption issue.

Once the complete information about Anupradha Mondal is available, the next step will be taken,” party MP Shantanu Sen said. Mamata Banerjee should answer about this,” BJP National Vice President Dilip Ghosh said.

Recently, Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee, who is very close to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in a teacher recruitment scam case. 50 crore rupees were seized from the house of his close friend and actress Arpita Mukherjee. Subsequently, Partha Chatterjee was removed from the ministerial post and party responsibilities.
Meanwhile, the arrest of Anupradha Mondal, who is very close to Mamata, has caused panic among the ruling Trinamul Congress party.

MLA, house check

In Jharkhand, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and Congress alliance is ruling under the leadership of Chief Minister Hemant Soran. Three Congress MLAs from the state were arrested in West Bengal’s Kolkata recently with Rs 75 lakh, which they allegedly brought with them to bring about regime change in Jharkhand. West Bengal CIT police are investigating in this regard. The West Bengal police yesterday raided the house of one of the arrested MLAs, Irfan Ansari, in Jamdara, Jharkhand. Of this, 5 lakh rupees and a car used for money laundering were confiscated.

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