Wet drought review meeting in Malegaon; Rain of complaints from farmers against insurance companies IG News

A wet drought review meeting was held in Malegaon in the presence of MP Subhash Bhamre. The meeting was held in the Panchayat Samiti hall. In this meeting, complaints literally rained against the working methods of insurance companies.

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Panchnama is not done on time by insurance companies

The meeting was attended by Provincial Officer Dr. Vijayanand Sharma, Tehsildar Deepak Patil, Taluka Agriculture Officer Balasaheb Vyavaye, BJP District President Suresh Nikam, Advay Hire, Sunil Gaikwad and other heads of various departments and farmer representatives. In case of crop damage due to heavy rains, the insured farmers are obliged to inform the concerned insurance companies within 72 hours. But many times companies don’t need toll free number despite trying. Therefore, the companies are not able to inform about the crop damage compensation within the prescribed period. Due to this, many farmers expressed fear that majority of farmers will be deprived of the loss of crop insurance compensation. Some farmers are unable to inform the insurance companies about the loss due to various reasons. But it was complained that many farmers could not get Panchnama from insurance companies in their fields despite giving ideas.

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Insurance company representatives demand money

In the meeting, some farmers alleged that representatives of insurance companies demand money to assess crop damage. While all the villages in the taluka are experiencing wet drought this year, the revenue system has announced to pay compensation by making Panchnamas in only 22 villages. Disapproval was also expressed for that in the meeting. Due to the fact that there has been a large amount of damage due to the wet drought this year, Dr. Bhamre suggested to the officials that Panchnama should be done for all the farmers. Bhamre also assured that efforts will be made with the state government to provide immediate compensation in this regard.