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Sometimes authorities give contracts for laying roads. Contractors give some money as bribe to officials and politicians. In this order.. they use poor quality material. As a result, only a little rain can remove the gravel on the roads. Roads turn into potholes. In this order, patch work is done on it again. This will completely waste the public money. Due to this, people face great difficulties to go on potholed roads. However.. people express their protests in many ways in such situations. Sometimes along with them politicians also participate in the protest in their own style. The video of this group has become viral.

Full details.. In Jharkhand (Jharkhand) all the roads are flooded due to torrential rains. In this order.. all the roads in Godda district have become worse. Seeing the roads, people everywhere are deposing the leaders. However, Mahagama MLA Deepika Pandey Singh also protested against the ruling party in her own style. They sat in a pit filled with rain water. Apart from that.. they also bathed with the same water. They immediately demanded that the central and state governments wake up and allocate funds specifically to repair the roads on a war footing. The video related to this has now gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, a bride from Kerala chose bumpy roads for her wedding photo shoot. She comes dressed beautifully.. walking through potholed roads. Meanwhile, all the roads in that area have turned into potholes after rain. At least the young woman will not be able to walk properly and will suffer. At least in this way.. It seems that the bridegroom has done this way that the sufferings they are facing will go to the authorities and leaders. With this, along with her wedding photoshoot, the young lady has also made everyone aware of her social responsibility towards the society on social media. The bride thought that at least the authorities would respond if they saw this. This video is currently doing rounds on social media. Seeing this, the netizens are in awe of the work done by the bride. Others are praising her responsibility towards society as Shebash.

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