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A new survey conducted by a dating app company suggests the top dating trends that will define dating in 2023.

To find out the seven top dating trends, Bumble surveyed over 14,000 daters from around the world. The results show that 70 percent of respondents are feeling positive about their romantic future in 2023, according to the company, which describes itself as a women-first dating and social networking app.

The survey suggests that next year there will be a greater focus on challenging dating norms and finding more balance.

“In 2023, we will continue to see how external factors – such as working remotely and the rising cost of living – will affect our dating behaviours. Additionally, I’m excited to see how people’s approach to dating will change as many people challenge the status quo and find more balance in the way they date,” says Shan Bodrum, Bumble’s Sex & Relationships experts, said in a news release.

The survey shows that daters will be more open to a wider variety of people and experiences in the coming year, and some of the earliest conversations will revolve around specific topics.

These are the top dating trends according to Bumble:

1. Open Casting

This tendency suggests the shunning of a physical “type” because it may be restrictive. One in three people is open to dating people outside their type, and one in four is even less pushy about dating people that others expect them to be.

Bumble says a majority of respondents (63 percent) are now focusing on “emotional maturity” rather than physical traits.

2. Railing

Many people say they are feeling overwhelmed by progress in pandemic-related measures to get back to the office and attend social events, which has app users re-evaluating their priorities, Bumble says. Its survey shows that 52 percent of respondents are giving priority to setting boundaries.

According to the survey, 63 percent of respondents said they are focused on being clear about emotional needs and boundaries, while 59 percent are more thoughtful and intentional about how they put themselves out there. More than half (53 percent) of respondents aim to not commit much to socializing.

When it comes to Canadians, the study shows that 66 percent of respondents said they are more clear about emotional needs, while 64 percent are more thoughtful and intentional about how they put themselves out there. Let’s take it out.

3. Wanderlove

A third of Canadian respondents say they are now more open to travel and relationships with people who are not in their current city.

With many still working from home, 14 percent of global respondents say they’ve thought about moving, which could definitely change the way they think about dating life.

4. New Year, New Me(n)/Modern Masculinity

According to the study, 74 percent of male respondents worldwide said they scrutinize their behavior more than ever and have a clearer understanding of what is and is not acceptable when dating.

At least 38 percent of men on Bumble said they now talk more openly about their feelings with their male friends, and that figure rises to 42 percent for Canadians.

5. Dating Renaissance

According to the survey, 39 per cent people have ended a marriage or a serious relationship in the last two years. Of these, 36 per cent are now using dating apps for the first time to find another partner.

6. Ethical sex-ploration

More than half of global respondents (53 percent) believe sex is no longer taboo and agree that sexual wants and needs should be discussed early in a relationship. That figure rises to 57 percent among Canadians.

In the past year, 20 percent of global respondents and 22 percent of Canadians said they have explored their sexuality more. Meanwhile, 17 percent of Canadian and 14 percent of global respondents have considered a non-monogamous relationship, according to the survey.

Bumble said the results don’t mean people are necessarily having more sex. The survey found that 34 percent of global respondents and 35 percent of Canadians said they’re not having sex at all, and they’re okay with that.

7. Cash-Candid Dating

The last trend is about money. Twenty-eight percent of global respondents and 29 percent of Canadians said they are setting financial boundaries in their dating lives, with 57 percent of Canadians and 59 percent of global respondents saying they are more interested in casual dates than something fancy.

The survey was conducted between October 12 and November 1 using responses from 14,300 Bumble users.

Reporting for this story was paid for through The Afghan Journalists in Residence Project, funded by Meta.


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