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Cyber ​​Crime Awareness: Over the past several years, humans have made headway in the field of technology. New tools are being invented day by day. Today’s humans are connected to technology all day long. But it is equally important to be cautious in today’s times. Because, it is said that everything always has two sides, positive and negative. Technology has made human life much easier. But crimes related to technology are also proving to be equally deadly.

Human beings today often misuse things. In which crimes are being committed day by day especially through technology. The Government of India is also doing this to create public awareness. Today we will also give you the necessary information about what is cybercrime and how to avoid it.

What is called cybercrime?

In very simple language, when a criminal does any anti-social activity using a technological device like laptop, mobile, network etc. then it can be called as cyber crime. In which many types of crimes are committed. Which we will understand. Let’s stop this crime by being an aware citizen.

What to watch out for

Beware of KYC Fraud

No bank calls you for KYC. Your account will not be closed due to failure of KYC. So do not respond to any call in the name of KYC. Also do not share important information like OTP, PIN, TPIN with anyone.

Avoid greedy ads

Often online sites sell cheap items. At this time, a person makes a big loss in the cycle of cheap purchases. When you are thinking of making any purchase online, you should check the reliability of that particular website and only then insist on the purchase.

Google My Business Facility

Many fraudsters are misusing this facility today. When customers interact in this website, the customer care executive understands the other person. Then follows it and loses Rs. So there is a need to be careful with such fake websites.

Keep password required for communication with mobile operator

If your mobile operator allows you to set a separate password code or PIN for your communications, be sure to do so. So you can avoid SIM swapping scams.

What to do to avoid cybercrime

Changing the SIM card can be dangerous

Be aware that a fraudster gets your mobile number and other private information and complains to the mobile company that your SIM card is lost and gets a new SIM card. This is called SIM swapping. After that that person can access all your information.

Do not share the number on the back of the credit/debit card

Every credit/debit card has a three digit number on the back. It is called CVV (Card Verification Value) number. Which is used for online payment. Do not give this number to anyone and do not share it with anyone even on the phone. If you do not take this precaution, you will have to face financial risk.

Understand these issues with compassion and exercise caution and also inform others. Your vigilance and common sense practices can prevent cybercrime. We will bring you this kind of important information again soon.

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