"What is the status of H1N1 flu in Tamil Nadu?’ "- Explanation given by Minister M. Subramanian IG News

The Minister of Health and People’s Welfare in Nellai said that those suffering from H1N1 flu must wear face shields and there is no need to fear the flu in Tamil Nadu. Subramanian said.

Nellai Government Medical College Hospital, Children’s Intensive Care Unit, General Intensive Surgery Unit, Digital Fluorescence Machine and Digital X-ray Machine, Maternal Care Awareness Center in Nellai District by the Department of Health, and Kadambodu Haiva Sub-Health Center and Paruthipadu Sub-Health Center under Nanguneri Block by the Health Department. Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Chairman Appavu and the Minister of Medical and People’s Welfare, Mr. Subramanian inaugurated the event.


Following this, Minister M. Subramanian, who met the media, said, “Till now only 442 people have been infected with H1N1 positive in Tamil Nadu. Only 7 people are receiving treatment in the government hospital and the others are isolated at home. People suffering from H1N1 must wear face shields.

Those who have the disease must isolate themselves at home for three to five days. Public health is good in Tamil Nadu. People do not need to worry about flu. Different types of flu are common when monsoon starts. If more than three people have fever, an order has been issued to set up camps in their respective areas and take necessary health measures.


Online application process has started for more than 3500 seats in 36 Government Medical Colleges across Tamil Nadu. This year medical counseling will be conducted online only. Only 7.5% percentage seat reservation for government school students and differently abled seat reservation counseling will be conducted directly. Steps have been taken to hold counseling in Tamil Nadu on the day after the completion of central government counseling.


Amid allegations of non-conduct of delivery surgery in primary and urban health centers across Tamil Nadu, an order has been issued to investigate directly from tomorrow through the associate and deputy directors of the medical department. Necessary measures will be taken in the health centers based on their report,” he said.

Also, “An accident treatment center is being constructed at a cost of Rs 10 crore in Nanguneri. A head hospital is being constructed at a cost of Rs 45 crore each at Valliyur and Ambasamudra in Nellai district. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who visited Nella 10 days ago, laid the foundation stone for a new medical building at a cost of Rs 72.10 crore. These works are nearing completion of 700 Bed facilities, 10 state-of-the-art emergency rooms and 200 intensive care beds will be set up. Through this, 3 lakh 50 thousand inpatients and 4 lakh outpatients will be benefited annually,” he said.


Subsequently, the Minister felicitated those who secured the first marks in the 7.5 percent quota. Earlier, the minister and other officials personally inspected the fever camp held in Nellai VM Chatram area.

Nellie District Governor Vishnu, Nellie Member of Parliament Gnanathiraviyam, Mayor Saravanan and Deputy Mayor Raju, Assembly Members Nayanar Nagendran, Ruby Manokaran and many medical department officials participated in the program held at the Government Medical College Hospital.



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